“I like to see the color of every feather of the bird and see the splendor of its plumage on the screen”: it is this relentless passion which drives Dr. Jainy Kuriakose to all corners of the Indian subcontinent, and across many foreign lands to photograph this planet’s avian wealth.

Jainy, who has a doctorate in Chemistry, took to bird watching about ten years ago and very soon to serious bird photography. When it became her life’s guiding devotion, she resigned her job from Infosys, Banglore and turned to full time bird photography. She travels most of the time, it could be to any destination her heart desires; be it Alaska or Andamans, Mishmi hills or Mizoram, Bhutan or Sikkim, or to the famous Dr.Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary at Thattekad, Kerala, a place very close to her hometown in Kerala.

Less than ten years of serious bird photography and she has photographed and documented more than 1100 birds in the country.