Karthikeyan S. has been a keen observer of natural history and a passionate nature educator for close to four decades. An avid birdwatcher, Karthik emphasizes the interrelation between birds, trees, insects, and other life forms. He has been raising awareness among the young and old alike on various aspects of natural history through walks, talks, blogs, and nature camps. Karthik’s photographs and articles on a wide variety of subjects including landscapes, flowering trees, wildflowers, lesser mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, spiders, butterflies, and other insects find place in many books and periodicals.

He has authored ‘The Fauna of Bangalore – A Checklist’ published by WWF-India and the popular pocket guides ‘Discover Avenue Trees’ and ‘Explore Spiders of India’, published by EcoEdu. He is also the co-author of a booklet titled ‘Ideas for Outdoors – Plants’ and a book on Common Avenue Trees in Kannada. During his early years, Karthik volunteered with WWF – India, and later went on to do a project with them on the little-known Indian Tree Shrew. He subsequently, joined the same organization and worked there for over a decade. He presently works as the Chief Naturalist at Jungle Lodges and Resorts Ltd.

In2013, he was conferred the Carl Zeiss Wildlife Conservation Award. Karthik shares his experiences about the denizens of the wild, both from the urban spaces and across the wilderness of the country, on his blog https://wildwanderer.com.