As a kid, Prashanth was fascinated by the lakes and hillocks present around Bangalore. He developed a keen interest in the birdlife that abound the hills and lakes of Bangalore. Starting with hobby projects such as the Bangalore Bird Monitoring Programme and Waterbird Diversity in the wetlands of Bangalore, he has been assisting and co-ordinating bird studies that include the following projects: forest owls & ecosystem services in the Kalakad Mundunthurai Tiger Reserve; waterbird monitoring in the Tamiraparni river basin; wildlife hazard study at the Bengaluru International airport; migration ecology of Harriers across western, central and southern India; mitigation and impact assessment in protected areas holding tourist enclaves; outreach activities at the Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment ( He is currently working on using acoustics methods to detect the critically endangered Jerdon’s Courser.